Your Rights as a Client

  • The right to competent, thorough and professional representations
  • The right to be treated with dignity and courtesy
  • The right to keep your communications with us confidential
  • The right to independent representation, free from conflicts of interest
  • The right to control of your legal matter
  • The right to have your questions answered and your calls returned
  • The right to be informed of alternative courses of action, and the advantages and risks of each course of action
  • The right to be informed about all available fee arrangements, and to be given a reasonable estimate of the fees and costs that your matter will require
  • The right to complain about our conduct if you are dissatisfied about the services we provide.

Colorado’s judges and attorneys have spent years developing rules that govern the conduct of attorneys.  The most important of these are the Rules of Professional Conduct.  The rules are lengthy and cover many topics other than your rights as a client.  And things don’t stop there: each rule is followed by comments that try to shed more light on what the rule means.  The Colorado Bar Association from time to time also develops Formal Ethics Opinions to address more specific situations. Colorado’s rules are enforced by the Colorado Supreme Court’s Attorney Regulation Counsel. Complaints about our conduct, or that of any Colorado attorney, can be directed there.

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